This is Me!

I am currently working within the Game Industry with my flexible art style and Game Development knowledge.

I have a passion for creative illustration and narrative. The sight of beautiful art, and the amazing stories they tell inspires me to work harder, develop further and improve my skills as an artist, With my Pen armed in one hand and knowledge in the other, I push myself forward to become an artist that can leave a lasting impression.

Work History

Turbo Chilli 2016 – 2018

Skywind Group 2018 – 2019

Royal Wins 2019

Negotiator Magazine – 2020

Blowfish Studios 2021 – Present

Select Clients

The Shrimp Dealer

Binchu Japanese Gardens

The Negotiator Magazine

HNYA Apparel

OakTrees Support Services

Neden Benci

Contact Details 0428698667



@impanickingart – instagram